The Brain Connection

Now what's the first a good tweaker does when he receives nasty mails? Right, he looks at the mailheaders to check if it's for real. That's what I did and I found out that this particular mail was sent through a free dial-up IC account. The actual content of the mail was almost the same text as on their website and the signed name was from a person who has been in the news a lot. Putting 1 and 1 and 1 together I was sure someone was pulling my leg, so I ignored this email.

Meanwhile someone had pointed out to me that SCEE actually wasn't the legal owner of Lemmings, but that Take 2 Games, who took over DMA Design, actually had the copyrights. I restarted my investigation, and indeed found evidence for this. So instead of trying to get an answer from SCEE I directed the same request I sent to SCEE previously to Take 2 Games. This actually made me think about the email I had recieved and how wrong they were. That actually was a week ago, but again like almost every big company, they just don't respond to email...

Then all of a sudden I got word that the management of received a simular email I had received from the same person stating to be from the BREIN foundation. I immediately thought that this would be another hoax, but didn't want to take any risk, so we decided to take the site down until this was sorted out, and I sent mail to BREIN stating that someone was imposing as one of their members and falsely accusing us of copyright infringement.

Now why would I say falsely accusing? Well, first of all because this second mail also stated that SCEE would be the legal owner of Lemmings™, which I now know most probably isn't the case. Secondly it stated that the copyright infringement was in the code, which cannot be since I wrote the code myself and haven't seen the original sourcecode of Lemmings™!

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