The popup-puzzle

Also hate those annoying popups? Hell, I know I do!
That's why I've come up with something that's maybe even more annoying:
A popup puzzle!

What's the game?

When you click the 'play'-button I will generate a lot of popups >:)
(so please disable your popup killer, else there is no game).
In each popup there is a part of a picture (a nice one - I promise),
but they're all scrambled up....

Your job is to put them in the right sequence by dragging the popups left-to-right
or up-and-down.
You can't drag popups diagonally, and also you can't drag them over another popup.
The empty slot should be in the bottom-right corner at the end again.

Onze you got all the popups lined up right, they will close, and the complete picture
will appear on this screen for you to download.

Disclaimer: in no way am I responsible for any damage caused by this site.
Anyway, this puzzle will only work with IE since it uses the IE chromeless popup trick.
If you want to do this puzzle without popups or if you use another browser, try the layer variant.

Have fun!

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