The Picture Puzzle

Ok, after the most annoying popup puzzle I decided to make a more userfriendly puzzle.
This time no numerous popups that make your browser and/or pc crash.
Also this puzzle will work in any modern browser (that includes IE4+, NS6+, Mozilla 4+ and Opera 6+).

What's the game?

When you click the 'play'-button I will generate a new window (which is a popup by the way).
In this window you will find a picture scrambled up.
Your job is to put the pieces in the right sequence by dragging them left-to-right or up-and-down.
You can't drag pieces diagonally, and also you can't drag them over another piece.
The empty slot should be in the bottom-right corner at the end again.

Onze you got all the pieces lined up right, the complete picture will be loaded in the window.

Have fun!

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