You may have noticed that DHTML Lemmings™ is gone. If you haven't noticed yet, you know now.
For those that come here for the first time let me explain what was on this site before:

For the GoT DHTML contest 2003 I was doing a remake of the retro-game Lemmings™ - the original version that first came out in 1991 created by DMA Design and distributed by Psygnosis.
I was doing this to show what can be done nowadays with DHTML, and posted work in progress on this very URL for my friends on Gathering of Tweakers to see (I think that qualifies as 'educational purpose'). I wrote a complete game-engine, created Lemming™ animations from screenshots and reworked levels from original DOS screenshots found on a public webpage. This resulted in a playable version with a couple of levels.
Unfortunately 2 weeks ago the link was posted somewhere else, and all of a sudden I found myself all over the internet. I never expected this, nor could I have imagined how much people would love it. I was getting way over my bandwidth limit on my own webspace, so I found prepared to host it for me (and that's as far as is involved in this all).

At that point I did consider possible copyright issues and started investigating who is the legal owner of Lemmings™. At first I thought Sony Computer Entertainment would be the legal owners having taken over Psygnosis in the mid 90's, so I wrote them a mail inquiring about the copyright status and if I could use the artwork the way I did. I know I should have asked this earlier before I started all this, but I just didn't think of it before, and again didn't expect this project to become so populair so soon. I had no intention to make it public in the current format; it was just an entry for the former mentioned contest.

Unfortunately, as with many large companies, they just don't reply to email... Then I found a mail in my mailbox from someone stating to be from the BREIN foundation summoning me to take down the site within 48 hours because I was infringing copyrights owned by SCEE.

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