J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook) - Changelog

Version 1.14 (April 15, 2003):

  • German language support (this time I did the translation, feedback is appreciated)
  • When deleting a message the contents is grayed and write-protected to make a clear destinction between edit and delete mode
  • New feature: smiley and UBB legend can be shown in a popup
  • Location field added to the database and new message page: visitors can now enter where they are from
  • Workaround added to support installation on for instance a free Lycos account
  • Several parser improvements
  • When smilies and/or UBB codes are disabled, the particular paragraphs in the FAQ are not shown

Version 1.13 (March 2, 2003):

  • French language support (thanks again to Jan Aagaard for the translation!)
  • A lot of small improvements (coding, performance etc.)

Version 1.12 (February 25, 2003):

  • Fixed a bug regarding admin logout and language selection
  • Fixed a bug regarding email subject and from address in older PHP versions
  • Improved some parsing items
  • Text for UBB codes can also be inputted through prompt
  • Check on validity of user inputted email address
  • Replace @ in email addresses to prevent harvesting by spambots

Version 1.11 (February 23, 2003):

  • support for time-adjustment (when your hosting is in another timezone)
  • direct links to edit or delete entries from the notification mail
  • language of notification mail is always the default language of the guestbook
  • improved support for additional languages; additional languages besides the default language (English) will be seperate packages which can be installed by simply uploading the files (language module, faq and 1 image) into the right directory
  • improved the way to select the installed additional languages from the settings page
  • improved rendering of lists in messages
  • Danish language support (thanks to Jan Aagaard for the translation!)

Version 1.10 (February 9, 2003):

  • Added support for [pre] tag
  • Date and time format customizable
  • Number of pages in navigation customizable

Version 1.09 (February 5, 2003):

  • IP banlist added
  • Several code improvements

Version 1.08 (January 31, 2003):

  • Fixed bug for preview in edit mode
  • Option to set time limit between adding messages
  • Legend title can be set to off
  • Better layout for legend

Version 1.07 (January 31, 2003):

  • Preview function for new message
  • Allow user to edit message during session
  • Options to change layout and placement of smiley and ubb code legends
  • Fixed login bug in Mozilla
  • Option to parse URLs and email adresses not within UBB codes

Version 1.06 (January 27, 2003):

  • alternative page numbering logic allowing for easy navigation of many messages
  • 3 example stylesheets included; stylesheet selectable from settings page
  • fixed all php notices and warnings (decided to put my errorlevel on E_ALL)
  • webbased backup and restore tools

Version 1.05 (January 25, 2003):

  • Easy webbased setup for creating database and setting options
  • Set guestbook to readonly feature
  • Lockdown guestbook completely feature
  • Login security when running multiple guestbooks on same server
  • again fixed some parsing bugs
  • user friendly error messages for MySQL errors
  • Some undocumented features I still have to document ;)

Version 1.04 (January 22, 2003):

  • Added support for transparent message boxes (IE-only)
  • Multi-language support with language templates
  • Added script to create the database automatically
  • Fixed several other minor issues

Version 1.03 (January 21, 2003):

  • Added email notification for new messages
  • Added faq for visitors on how to use the guestbook
  • Fixed misspelling of Anonymous

Version 1.02 (January 17, 2003):

  • Fixed parsing of thumbnails [img] inside [url=]
  • Add slashes before writing to database when get_magic_quotes_gpc is off
  • Remove slashes before writing back to form
  • Check for malicious code in homepage field
  • Smiley template to easily change the smiley set

Version 1.01 (January 16, 2003):

  • Improved stripping of whitespace in messages
  • Better date conversion when editing a message
  • Fixed smiley parse bug
  • Better handling for malicious code

Version 1.00 (January 14, 2003):

  • First release version

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