J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook)

J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook) is just what it is: Another Guestbook, written by crisp and available to the public under the GNU Public License; which means you may use it, distribute it and modify it to your likings as long as you keep my name mentioned as the original author, and make the modified source public.

Since there are hundreds of free guestbooks available, why did I write another one and why should you use this one instead of another?

Well, I started by downloading and installing a guestbook, but at first it didn't run with the register_globals turned off in PHP on my webserver. I tried some others, and most had the same problem. Also most of the time the interface wasn't to my liking, so since I wanted to learn PHP anyway I started from scratch.

The final result is here for download now for everyone to use; it's simple and to the point, and has a nice interface in my opinion.

Here's some of the features:

  • Uses a MySQL database for speed
  • Runs in safe mode and with register_globals OFF (PHP 4.1 or higher required)
  • Also rund on free hosters such as Lycos
  • Fast, stable and secure code
  • Interface customizable through CSS files (transparent message boxes!)
  • Smilies and ubb code
  • Webmaster comments
  • IP logging and banning
  • Email and homepage fields
  • Simple to use admin functionality
  • Email notification for new messages
  • Direct links to edit or delete messages from notification mail
  • User FAQ
  • Optional user edit
  • Preview of new message
  • Multi language support (English, German, French, Dutch and Danish included)
  • Easy setup
  • Webbased administration including setting readonly or lockdown
  • Multiple stylesheets included; easy to add and select a different style
  • Backup and restore feature
  • And much more!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<< DEMO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<< DOWNLOAD >>>>>>>>>>>>

We also have some screenshots available of the administrator pages.

Here is the latest changelog (version 1.14 dated April 15, 2003).

Please let me know if you like it, or if you have any comments or suggestions.
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  • Jan Aagaard for the Danish and French translations

J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook) v1.14, GNU Copyright © 2003 by crisp
Last change: Tuesday, April 15th 2003